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The Economist brings authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science and technology. It is one of the most well-respected publications in the business & finance space and is printed globally.

The publishers of The Economist refer to the publication as a newspaper. This goes back to the roots of the publication back in the mid-1800’s. The Economist currently has offices in New York, London and San Francisco, and is growing worldwide.

Each and every issue of The Economist is filled well-written with thoughtful analysis – and full of opinions. This is a must-have for those serious about staying in tune with worldwide business and finance happenings.

  • Issues per year: 51
  • Publishing frequency: Weekly
  • First published: 1843
  • Publisher: The Economist Group

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The Economist

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The Economist

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The Economist

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10 comments on “The Economist
  1. Rick says:

    This magazine is great, but you really need to set aside the time each month to get through it all. Otherwise it isn’t worth the money–even at a discount. You need to have the time to cover/to/cover this one, it’s not one of those magazines you want to start piling up on the coffee table.

  2. Mary W says:

    I agree. I’ve never felt like I had time to get through every issue in order to justify a subscription. But this is definitely one of the best.

  3. Mr. T. says:

    Fact is — you get what you pay for. The Economist is worth it — especially if you can land a cheap subscription deal

  4. aargh says:

    economist = excellent

  5. nowon says:

    good deal; good information; good read

  6. Helen says:

    Pricey! Is it really worth it? Could get two or three other magazines for the same price.

  7. Ted says:

    Seems pricey to me. Is it really worth the extra cost compared to others like Bloomberg or Forbes or etc? Fill me in, please

  8. JBid says:

    This mag scares me for some reason…lol

  9. sarah says:

    I read this one at the cafe for free. It’s way too expensive for me and even at this deal, it costs too much.

  10. pennies says:

    Too rich for my blood! This may be the best magazine ever but I can’t afford that subscription!!

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